Employability Skills Training (EST)


Employability Skills Training (EST) is part of the Government’s Workforce Australia initiative.

If you are aged 15 and above, we provide EST training that gives a broad understanding of a variety of industries and work-related behaviours and skills.

We empower you to make meaningful decisions about your career, so you can choose a pathway that’s right for you. We link you to Employers with suitable, real opportunities so you can move forward with confidence!

Individualised Career Action Plans

Our experienced coaches work with you to identify your unique personal strengths, skills, interests, goals, and values and align these to opportunities in your local area. From this we develop your indivdualised Career Action Plan.

Industry Awareness Experiences

We organise Industry Awareness Experiences to help you learn more about the industries in demand in your area and, more specifically, the ones you want to work in.

Our industry partners and involved in a mixture of practical placements and classroom presentations including interview practice. You will learn about the industry’s future needs, the specific skills they required, and be able to gain accredited skills to set you up for success. *Accredited training is available in specified Block 2 Industry Specific Courses only

Block 1

Our EST Block 1 course is the A-Z of workplace and job search skills. In partnership with local Employers, we show you how to find the right job, submit a standout application, ace that interview, and move into work.

  • Plan your career path
  • Understand your strengths and skills
  • Resume and cover letter preparation
  • Workplace skills for success

Block 2

Our EST Block 2 course will help you understand the industries that are in demand in your area and identify opportunities that are right for you!

Generalist courses cover several industries with employment opportunities and industry awareness experiences so you can move forward into work with confidence.

Specialist courses are industry-specific with employment and training opportunities that set you on your chosen career path. Both Blocks provide tailored resume, cover letter, application and interview preparation.


  • Must be 15 years and above.
  • Be participating in Workforce Australia Online or,
  • Transition to Work Services or,
  • Disability Employment Services.


Tuesday – Friday, 3 weeks, 25 hours.

Tuesday – Thursday, 5 weeks, 15 hours.

Online and Face-to-face

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