Start Your Career In Civil Construction

Start Your Career In Civil Construction

Anyone looking to begin a career with promising long term prospects should consider Civil Construction. Almost every facet of modern life has involved the work of a Civil Engineer or Construction team, from airports and railways, to defence and contemporary infrastructure.

The continued growth of Australia’s economy, particular here in WA, has resulted in an increased demand for those qualified in Civil Construction. Starting your career with a RII20720 Certificate II in Civil Construction* means achieving a thorough education in multiple key areas opening up doors for job opportunities and further education within this ever-expanding sector.


While it can tempting to jump into the industry head first with an apprentice role,

the skills required to progress further within this sector demands applicable qualifications. The niche knowledge required to carry out many jobs only comes from quality Civil Construction Training from a trusted education provider, and employers won’t look to hire someone for certain roles without it.

For many people, the appeal in a job within the Civil Construction sector lies within the varied skills required to successfully carry out the many roles involved. This includes great problem solving and teamwork skills, adaptability, digital agility, sustainability, WHS (Work Health and Safety) and STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) knowledge, as well as strengths within detail oriented planning and team management.

Beginning your career with a RII20720 Certificate II in Civil Construction* means achieving a solid grounding in all the above skills, along with current required industry knowledge.


With an increasing demand for skilled Civil Construction professionals, thanks to ongoing projects developing vital infrastructure across the country, there’s never been a better time to begin or switch careers within this field.

Whether you feel your strengths lie in a trade, technician, or engineering position, there are multiple in-demand careers within Civil Construction and surveying to aim for, each with fantastic pay opportunities and continued career development.


While your initial role in this industry after completing Civil Construction Training may be a beginner position, you can choose to further advance your career and become a Civil Engineer.
As a professional within this field you may be involved in the design, organisation, planning, and overseeing of engineering projects such as building roads, bridges, pipelines, dams, and many more types of structural development builds.

A RII20720 Certificate II in Civil Construction* is one the best possible ways to begin this road to civil engineering. You will have an opportunity to continue your education further, with RII30820 Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations*.


If you have considered a role within Civil Construction, now is the time to make the leap. As  a well respected education and employment service provider, Training Alliance Group is here to help.

Contact us today with any queries, or to register your interest in a RII20720 Certificate II in Civil Construction*  and begin your exciting new career.

* Course operated by RTO 52592 – ABV Training & Consulting Pty Ltd, eligibility criteria apply.