Skilled Employees To You

The events of the past year have had far reaching consequences, not only in Australia but around the globe. While we are fortunate here in WA to still have a strong economy, the effects of the various shutdowns and travel bans are still causing havoc with the job market.

As one of Perth’s leading providers of training programs and employment services we know all too well the high levels of unemployment, and the toll this can take on businesses as well as employees. Read on to learn how working with an experienced training provider can help you with recruiting the very best candidates in an overwhelmed market.

You have a job vacancy, so where are the candidates?  

It may seem a bit baffling; unemployment is up so why are there so many jobs still available? 

By the end of last year the unemployment rate in Perth sat at 5.3%. The most unusual thing about that number is not that it is the lowest rate in 4 years, but that it stayed at that level for the whole of 2020. 

This means there is a gap in communication between employers and potential new employees; when a job market becomes saturated it makes it difficult for your job application to stand out, and the amount of CVs coming in can be impossible for one employer to handle when recruiting. This is where we come in.

Benefits of a training provider 

With extensive experience in the employment and training arena here in WA, we specialise in connecting skilled employees with suitable job vacancies. Working with a training provider not only means access to a pool of skilled, prepared candidates, but we also provide information on potential wage subsidies, as well as offer support services.

We specialise in a few key sectors including retail, construction, mining, not-for-profit, and employment services, and love nothing more than connecting a great candidate with the right potential employer.

Consider an intern

We understand that managing a business can be stressful; we can help by taking the time-consuming job of recruiting off your hands. A huge bonus of working with a training provider is the access to our extensive database of skilled workers, and those in our customised training programme. 

We work closely with individuals helping them develop their skill set, transforming them into viable candidates in a competitive market. Being involved in employment programmes such as the National Work Experience Programme (NWEP) and setting up suitable internships for those in our Youth Jobs PaTH Programme ensures our potential new employees are skilled, and employers like you can discover a great worker while receiving Government subsidies as incentive.

How Training Alliance Group can help you

Let us help you take the hassle and time commitment out of hiring a new employee. The expert team here at Training Alliance Group loves nothing more than finding the right hiring match; all you need to do is register with us and we’ll take care of the rest!
For more information on how we can help with finding a new employee, information on qualifying for wage subsidies, or to learn more about working with an intern or work experience programme, simply get in touch today