Revved up Training at Collie Motorplex

Revved up Training at Collie Motorplex

Not many trainees can boast that their civil construction training encompassed work on a full-scale racetrack, but trainees in TAG’s Civil Construction courses at Collie regularly help to complete work at the Collie Motorplex in the State’s South West.

Twenty trainees worked on their Certificate Three in Civil Construction Plant and Equipment over 12 weeks at Collie, enjoying the Motorplex venue and practising their skills operating civil construction equipment around the racetrack.

South West trainer Robert Taylor said students used a grader to repair road edges around the track and to grade a gravel access road. Using an excavator, they also dug a 400m trench to bury a mains water line to the Motorplex track, and to create a drainage system throughout the site. 

“Additional experiences included using a roller to compact the completed grader work and a front-end loader to transfer the soil used in the project,” he said.

“The course provides a range of skills now in demand in the WA civil construction industry, and our trainees learn valuable skills to take with them into job interviews.”

Motoring South West Manager Anna Farrell said she was very pleased with the work and always enjoys having trainees on deck.

“This program not only benefits the students by providing the experience so necessary in the job market, it also allows us to get vital track maintenance done,” Ms Farrell said.

The latest TAG Civil Construction Collie class starts at the end of April.

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