Kimberley Potholes

Kimberley Potholes

A recent TAG training course held in the Kimberley was so successful that it resulted in a new start-up business for a trainee.

Kimberley TAG trainer Andrew Conlon held the Certificate 3 course in Civil Construction with the Winun Ngari Aboriginal Corporation in Derby and has been amazed by the longer-term results.

“The program saw us working in the corporation’s carpark and participants were taught the techniques involved to professionally lay down asphalt,” Mr Conlon said.  

“Main Roads Western Australia kindly provided both the asphalt and emulsion for the trainees and not only did the students pave the Corporation’s carpark, but they did the carpark at the Derby Lodge as well.” 

Mr Conlon said that the training and the work inspired one of the trainees to apply for grants to buy equipment and to begin his own asphalt company. 

Former trainee David Garstone founded Kimberley Potholes and plans to work in both Derby and surrounding areas. 

Derby Lodge Managers Deb and Bernie Hussey said the students did an excellent job repairing potholes in the lodge’s driveway. 

“We had significant damage to our driveway and were delighted when Andrew suggested he could bring his team out as a training exercise,” Mr and Mrs Hussey said. 

“They repaired the many potholes in less than a day and we have had a number of compliments from regular guests who were pleased with the results. 

“We wish David and Kimberley Potholes well in their new venture.”