Get Ahead of Your Peers with JobTrainer

Get Ahead of Your Peers with JobTrainer

Do you feel trapped in your current job? Are you ready to scale-up your career and start moving up the employment ladder? Whatever your career goals are, taking part in training programs can give you the skills you need to level up your CV. 

Courses can make you more employable at another company or progress to your career’s next stage in your current position. We all want to get ahead, and training programs are proven to help you develop your career opportunities whether you’re a graduate or recently unemployed.

Why now is the time to get trained

Whether you’re starting your career or coming back from a period of being unemployed, you want to work on building your skillset. Your skills are what helps your CV stand out. Having practical skills that meet your employer’s needs will help open the door to new career opportunities. Taking part in training programs can give you the competitive edge you need to land your dream job in the construction and business sectors.

Vocational education is the key to unlocking your career progression and working your way up through the industry. The economy is continuously growing and product and service innovation drives the growth. Keeping your portfolio of skills up to date is the foundation of new career development.

What does JobTrainer cover?

If you’re thinking of updating your CV with a vocational course, you might be wondering how to fund it. Whether you’re looking to fill the gaps in your CV as a graduate or give yourself a new outlook on the industry, JobTrainer can make these courses free for you to access.

JobTrainer allows those aged between 17 and 24 to study training programs with free or low-fee courses. This program funds around 300,0000 training locations, supporting you in levelling up your career opportunities in every sector. The JobTrainer fund is supported by $1 billion of funding from the Australian Government, and the programs have been rolling out state-by-state since October 2020.

You can apply for any of our training programs to get a professional qualification through the JobTrainer scheme. If you meet the requirements, the government-funded JobTrainer system can help you start your career on the right foot, especially if you are a recent graduate.

How these JobTrainer courses help

At Training Alliance Group, our training courses cover areas in every industry from mining and warehousing to business and construction. You can receive formal training in traffic management, fork lifting, working on elevated work platforms, and much more. Wherever you are in your career, we have training programs to improve your prospects.

Gaining nationally recognised qualifications can help you achieve your career goals through flexible training programs that you can incorporate into your free time, with a delivery method that works best for your circumstances. 

The Training Alliance Group offers qualifications through three registered training organisations. You can choose between the Australian Business and Vocational Training, Stirling Skills Training Inc, and Mining Transport and Construction Services PTY Ltd.