5 Reasons to join self-employment assistance program

5 Reasons to join self-employment assistance program

Setting up a viable business can be an intimidating time, especially if it’s your first time being self-employed. Joining business development programs specifically designed to help transform start-up ideas into reality, or enhance an existing self-employed business, means accessing immense support from experienced coaches and mentors.

Discover what you can gain from joining certified Self-Employment Assistance Programs, and how Training Alliance Group (TAG) in Perth are uniquely placed to help. 

1. Gain targeted business advice

Self-employment assistance works by offering you tailored advice for your new or existing business idea. A favourable option for focused idea development includes intensive one-hour sessions specifically for working on your ideas, accessible twice a year

For those looking for more long-term mentoring, TAG offers targeted Small Business Coaching for one year. Working with a personal mentor can offer the exact support and guidance needed to hit your business targets. 

2. Learn from self-employment assistance workshops 

Many of us strive to become our own boss, working hard for our desired goals at the pace and schedule of our choosing. Whether you need advice on how to gain control of your income or how exactly to launch your new business idea, Self-Employment Workshops help you figure out and navigate the best route to take

Core topics of these assistance workshops include setting up a company, exploring and validating ideas, marketing and branding, as well as incorporating the digital sphere into our business plan.  

3. Build a comprehensive business plan

It’s all well and good having a solid business idea, but without the necessary surrounding strategic and financial planning your self-employment likely won’t last past the first year. 

Accessing the niche expertise of local business experts with Business Plan Development is a fantastic way to develop a detailed business plan, helping you navigate cash flow for the next two years in a considered manner.

4. Potential financial support

There are added benefits to dedicating yourself to self-employment assistance programs. Those who partake in Small Business Coaching with the help of a personal business mentor and go on to begin and operate their own business have the potential to be eligible for financial support. 

5. Access tailored advice from skilled experts

For those who already have their own small business and are looking to improve it, accessing customised Business Health Checks from the experts is a rewarding way to learn key information about the company’s status.

The in-depth analysis helps you determine the viability of the business in its current state, as well as how to improve it. You can learn a lot from the 3-hour intensive 1-1 sessions, accessible once a year. 

Professional guidance from TAG

Training Alliance Group is a team of employment assistance experts, with leading Business Advisors on hand to offer targeted advice, analysis, and guidance. Whether you have a great idea or have already set up a company, the comprehensive range of services means there is a helpful program available to suit any requirements.

Contact TAG today to discuss our eligibility for a self-employment assistance program, or learn more here